the eternal kingdom of now

September 4, 2012

What were you thinking in that moment when you first gazed into the Grand Canyon? What were you thinking when you looked up and saw a shooting star? What were you thinking when you heard the most perfect musical passage, when you closed your eyes and tasted the most exquisite dish any chef ever concocted? What were you thinking that first moment you gazed into the face of your newborn baby?

In that moment, of course, you were not thinking anything at all. The subject and object were completely merged, yet you were aware of bliss deep within. And that moment was the end of time, the end of all conflict and seeking. It was the answer, because no question arose.

But a moment later, you superimposed thought between awareness and the world; you formed a concept and a name for your experience, and you tagged it in memory, so that you could attempt to remember the experience later, and fit it into the memory file called “my story.”

We spend almost our entire lives running through our memory tags, but rarely spend a moment in the raw sweet burning energy of This. This moment is the only moment you are truly alive.

~ Fred LaMotte

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