ego, our ancient guard dog

September 8, 2020

I think the ego is likened to an ancient guard dog that can either be trained by us, with compassion, to sit down beside us until it’s genuinely needed…or…we can let that same guard dog stand between us and the world, gnarling at every perceived grievance, identifying SO tightly with it, that we make everyone and even ourselves believe we ARE that guard dog.

When someone says, “that guy is an egomaniac!” Or, “you need to keep your ego in check,” they’re likely describing someone who has identified too closely with their guard dog.

But, when we have our ego appropriately in-check, while we present our authentic self to the world, if our guard dog growls a warning…it might be an appropriate warning! But, if not, with loving compassion, we can pat our ego on the head and remind it that all is well, while thanking it for protecting us down through the eons.

~ Scott Kinnaird

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