here you are

September 19, 2020

Of course, strictly speaking, there is no method to arrive at the place where you already are.

No amount of searching will uncover the self, because all searching implies the absence of the self – the big self, the Self with a capital S.

So, to seek is to thrust it away. And to practice a discipline to attain it is to postpone realization.

~ Alan Watts

2 Responses to “here you are”

  1. Gianni Grassi Says:

    Listening, seeing, touching, smelling, tasting and intuiting from the point of view of the whole rather than a part seems to work for me, Alan… it entails groundedness or — for want of another word — “humility”. Lacking such, cultivation of a willingness to show up vulnerable, generously and fully present is a good beginning. But, it’s hard: Renouncing one’s sapient virtuality — and especially its tittilation — is the ultimate austerity, after all.

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