confused but never separate

July 8, 2010

An ordinary person’s attention strays according to any movement of mind.  Suddenly there is the confusion of believing in self and other, subject and object, and this situation goes on and on repeating itself endlessly.

This is samsaric existence.  The buddhas and bodhisattvas were successful in getting up on the dry land of enlightenment.  But we sentient beings became bewildered, and are now in the unsuccessful, unsatisfactory state we all find ourselves in.

We are still in the ocean of samsara; we have not yet gotten our heads fully out of the water.  We have roamed about in one confused state of experience after the other, endlessly.  At the same time, we haven’t lost our buddha nature.  Our buddha nature is never separate from our minds for even a single instant.

-Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche

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