laughing like kids

September 3, 2010

It is self-evident that we are all perfectly born.  Yet upon our birth, a delusional world immediately sets out to wrap a superfluous ego around our perfection.  Like a gauze, year-after-year it wraps around our true mind, binding us SO TIGHT, that by the time we are adults, we have no idea who we really are.

Regardless of who we are or what tradition we follow, our faith and our practice, and our seeking, are merely manifestations of an “unwrapping” of that ego-gauze.  A hopeful attempt to find the original and perfect YOU.

That perfection, that light and spirit, simply got covered up and hidden under all the worldly, delusional wrapping.  The “eternal you” that has no beginning and never dies, has been “right here” the whole time.

The Perennial Philosophy — the core and ground of all of the world’s great seeking traditions — points consistently and continuously to the concept of, “becoming once again as a little child”.  Returning to our childhood-state is a base prerequisite for reclaiming our true selves.

Therefore, laughing as a child laughs — large, open, truthful — is one of the purest, most critical components of anyone’s path to reality.

– Scott Kinnaird, 9/3/10

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