spiritual ditch digger

September 25, 2010

We are one with God when we are born and remain so until we leave this material world. The only thing truly special that can happen while we’re here is if we wake up to these truths and directly experience the love and light of God which is within all of us. Sometimes we wake up to this bliss and beauty, but more often we don’t.

But, if we don’t wake up, that’s OK, too. Because, we’re each manifestations of the universe (God) being aware of itself, whether it’s awareness of good or bad. And, more importantly, whether we are aware of that awareness or not.

Life can’t be love and bliss exclusively for the same reason everything can’t be up and white. The world has to have down and black, too. Both the physical and the metaphysical require the positive AND the negative. This world requires the unaware as well as the aware.

Sadly (at least to our egos) we can’t ALL be angels or “enlightened”. If that were to happen, there wouldn’t be anything to keep the universe in motion! Just like an electric motor won’t spin if it doesn’t receive both positive and negative currents.

I suppose the world needs spiritual ditch diggers, too. I’ve got a strong back, so I’m cool with that.

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