slay that sad ghastly ghostly ego elf

October 9, 2010

Let me be a student, humble as can be,

Or the proud house holder of a fancy home,

An ascetic, standing stiffly like a gnome,

Or any other form, as it pleases Thee.

What use is this on the path to liberty?

Oh Bhagavan, when my Heart-lotus is Thine,

I become yours, no longer ‘me’ or ‘mine’;

One’s burden of life is Thy responsibility.

Whether I dwell in town or in mountain cave,

My mind will still go wandering along with me;

The solution that Lord Ramana gives to save,

Is rest at peace, and be eternally free,

Just surrender monkey mind to one’s dear Self,

And slay that sad ghastly ghostly ego elf.

– Alan Jacobs

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