every day happenings

January 3, 2011

What if the nirvana experienced by the Buddha in Bodhgaya turns out to be something considerably less magnificent than that of later mythic tradition, yet at the same time, by virtue of its being actually attainable by ordinary folk, something of unparalleled value? The Buddha spoke of learning how to be deeply happy right here and now, no matter what circumstances we are facing. Even the existential challenges of our own impending illness, aging, and death can be encompassed with the wisdom to acknowledge that all things change, to accept that there is no essence underlying it all, and nevertheless to be able to meet each moment without clinging to anything in the world.

– Andrew Olendzki

One Response to “every day happenings”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I’ll bet it certainly is something more attainable than that of later mythic tradition. Yet it is still unthinkably profound.

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