mind and spirit

February 12, 2011

People must develop compassion and intellect equally. Otherwise we risk being kind-hearted rubes or mean-spirited experts. Intuition and analytic acumen are equally important, because the transcendent experiences of life are immeasurable, whereas for physical survival we rely exclusively on measured things.


One Response to “mind and spirit”

  1. Adam Calvery Says:

    That’s a really interesting concept. I’m really trying to work on having a compassionate response to things being my default, rather than being the “mean spirited expert”. And it’s funny to think about what we get mean spirited as an expert about anyway on a day to day basis. The way a person drives? The way they’re dressed? The thing they order in the lunch line? Their view on a topic? Perhaps the things we’re mean spirited experts about, our expertise is subjective anyway. Thanks for the good points to ponder today.

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