remain like wood

April 21, 2011

Whenever there is attachment in my mind
And whenever there is the desire to be angry,
I should not do anything nor say anything,
But remain like a piece of wood.

Whenever I have distracted thoughts, the wish to verbally belittle others, Feelings of self-importance and self-satisfaction;
When I have the intention to describe the faults of others,
Pretension and the thoughts to deceive others;

Whenever I am eager for praise
Or have the desire to blame others;
Whenever I have the wish to speak harshly and cause dispute; At (all) such times I should remain like a piece of wood.

– Shantideva

2 Responses to “remain like wood”

  1. Thank you for this post. Whenever I am tempted to judge, belittle, criticize or blame, I try to remember that I would only be sending that negative energy to myself. Then I settle back down.

    • Scott Says:

      It’s difficult, but wow what a positive impact it makes in the lives of our friends and family when we’re able to pull it off. Thanks!

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