be a reflection of truth

May 24, 2011

What we call "world" is only an opinion…. Take away your opinion, your condition, situation—then your mind is clear like space… clear like a mirror. A mirror reflects everything: The sky is blue, tree is green, sugar is sweet. Just be one with truth. If your mind is clear like space, then you see clearly, hear clearly, smell clearly—everything is clear. That is dharma. That is truth.

— Seung Sahn

3 Responses to “be a reflection of truth”

  1. Seth Segall Says:


    Just to let you know, the quote you attributed to Jan Willis earlier today on Twitter is actually a quote from one of my blog posts.

    Glad you liked the quote, but it’s not Jan’s

  2. Beautiful. Some days, some moments, I can clear my mind and just see. Ah!

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