weakened warrior

May 18, 2012

we sat near the mouth of the pacific
my weakened warrior friend and me
with my vainly muted 900 lb gorilla problem
and his new daily features

the spiritual warrior is dedicated to his evolution
my evolution

impermanence is all that’s permanent
transience is the definition of our short time together

these new features of which you speak make me sad
i cry as i walk away because of natural worry for a friend
i smile because you are my friend

“the warrior shows up naked and vulnerable and says the war. stops. now.”
i move forward from that moment with a new mental space to cultivate
a new method to practice

actually you removed the cloak from the space that’s been there all along
you reminded me of another way to let my light so shine
you reminded me this is the job of the spiritual warrior
to help other sentient beings remember their compassion and share it with every

and especially with the one whose gaze resides in the mirror

~ Scott Kinnaird

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