right action

June 5, 2012

Write about things that you’d like to read. Give a talk that you’d like to listen. Do the things that you’d like to see. Be the friend that you’d like to be with. Express your style so it honors your uniqueness. Serve in ways that displays your connectedness. Live a life that matters to you.

~ Nithya Shanti

2 Responses to “right action”

  1. feralmonk Says:

    Right Action impels my thought, my speech, and my action always to affirm our connected interdependence; our transformative and transforming selves; the causes and conditions of the suffering we simultaneously experience both alone and with all others; and finally, the possibility our making together one new world each moment that is greater than the sum of the parts that enter each moment.

    In short, I aspire, intend and choose the whole-some over the divided, synergy over the zero-sum; and, I affirm that my life should enter the feast neither as host nor as guest of honor, but simply as one who would place my casserole on the potluck table.

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