subject-object facade

January 7, 2013

First, on the phenomenal plane, when one ceases to resist What-Is and comes more in harmony with It, one enters a state of clear seeing.

Having arrived at this point, all action becomes ‘action without action’, or non-forcing and there is a working in harmony with What-Is to accomplish what is required.

Second, as the clear seeing deepens, the understanding arises that there is no one doing anything and that there is only the One doing everything through the many and diverse objective phenomena which serve as Its instruments.

From this flows the third and last: the seemingly separate me is a misapprehension, created by the mind that divides everything into subject (me) and object (the world outside of this me).

This seeming two-ness, this feeling of being separate and apart is the root cause of unhappiness. The return to wholeness is nothing more than the end of this division.

– Wu Hsin, from the book “The Lost Writings of Wu Hsin” translated by Roy Melvyn.

One Response to “subject-object facade”

  1. feralmonk Says:

    Yes, here we have the first three turnings of the dharma wheel. Now, shall we all remain on board for the fourth?

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