witness the witness

July 15, 2013

When I was a teenager one of my first spiritual teachers explained the process of awakening to me so simply, I have never forgotten it.

He said there are two trains in our life: the train of thoughts and the train of awareness. In the beginning the train of thoughts is super fast and the train of awareness is really slow. So thoughts overtake and beat awareness almost every time.

Then as we live more meditatively and keep remembering to return to the present, the train of awareness speeds up. A day comes when it moves at the speed of thought, which means every thought is seen as it arises and passes away.

My teacher mentioned that specially whenever such a stage arises in our practice, we should leave every other distraction and practice night and day without relenting.

Before long a timeless moment arises where the train of awareness “overtakes” the train of thoughts! This is indeed a most significant event in our journey. Awareness cuts the train of thoughts again and again and sees the true nature of reality as it really is. The veil of illusion is pierced.

From here on the whole consciousness is transformed and awareness rules, shapes and directs the movement of thought. Suffering is dramatically reduced and in due course is extinguished completely beyond any trace.

All is well. Everything is transparent. Things just are the way they are. Our true nature shines though resplendent and undisguised.

Can there be a better use of this human life?

– Nithya Shanti

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