own your anger

August 20, 2013

Whenever the energy of anger comes up, we often want to express it to punish the person whom we believe to be the source of our suffering.

This is the habit energy in us.

When we suffer, we always blame the other person for having made us suffer. We do not realize that anger is, first of all, our business.

We are primarily responsible for our anger, but we believe very naively that if we can say something or do something to punish the other person, we will suffer less.

This kind of belief should be uprooted. Because whatever you do or say in a state of anger will only cause more damage in the relationship.

Instead, we should try not to do anything or say anything when we are angry.

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

2 Responses to “own your anger”

  1. This is brilliant advice. I am in a young relationship and am trying very, very hard to never ever speak when I’m feeling angry or hurt or in any way “triggered” by my areas of shenpa. I hope I can continue always to be this mindful in my relationship.

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