October 25, 2013

Through what we call ‘suffering’, life strips us down to our bare essentials. It is a misunderstood path of radical simplification. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes we want out, but the process is essentially loving, for it has everything to do with waking up from second-hand dreams and stories and cherishing life itself.

Through ‘suffering’, everything we knew, everything we believed, everything we were told about ourselves and the world, is cast into doubt. A divine dis-illusionment happens. Hallelujah. For the doubt, the pain, the sorrow, the confusion, is nothing less than a portal to the Undoubtable: your bare naked presence, here and now. And then the very first question emerges: “Who Am I?”.

Suffering – when you don’t run away from it, numb yourself to it, or deny it – will always bring you face to face with the fact that what you are can never be defined, divided, or destroyed.

~ Jeff Foster

One Response to “suffering”

  1. Kelly M Says:

    a radical message beautifully articulated… thank you.

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