true humanness

November 3, 2013

The true men of old were not afraid when they stood alone in their views.
No great exploits. No plans.
If they failed, no sorrow. No congratulations in success.
The true men of old, knew no lust for life…no dread of death.
Their entrance without gladness….their exit, without resistance.
They did not forget where from…nor ask, where to,
Nor drive grimly forward, fighting their way through life.

They took life as it came, gladly.
Took death as it came, without care, and went away…yonder.
They had no mind to fight TAO.
They did not try by their own contriving to help TAO along.

These are the one’s we call, true men.
Minds, free
Thoughts, gone
Brows, clear
Faces, serene

~Chuang Chou

ba and theo

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