eat the meal not the menu

January 26, 2014

All great religions represent a process through their symbols and rituals. All religious stories are, in the final analysis, the story of our own enlightenment.

As long as we choose to load our experience of Presence with the baggage of an old religious story, whether it is the story of Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Moses or Jesus, we can spend lifetimes anchoring the present to the past…

But, at some point we gently relinquish the religion of history, choosing quite simply to bathe in the splendor of Now.

Then our religion is freed from the bondage of dogma, and it becomes a lovely poem.

We can cherish the rituals, chants and stories as reflections of a Light that we constantly behold, shadows of a Life we perpetually breathe.

For all religions symbolize the surrender of the ego to the mystery of unfathomable Presence.

~ Fred LaMotte

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