believing without beliefs

December 18, 2016

Atheists and Believers both make a similar strategic mistake. The point is not which belief to believe, but knowing how to believe entirely without the artificial constraint of the belief itself.

Any assertion of this or that belief as something that is factual and not merely some form of epoxied opinion, marks an end to believing and an entry into the realm of artificial knowing.

Believing without beliefs, on the other hand, is submitting what one has already experienced to possible changes in trajectory, without the need to validate either the archer or the target.

A face-to-face encounter between suffering and compassion is required to generate the sort of authentic epiphanies that give rise to such words as GOD

In other words, the only way one may validate or invalidate the existence or non-existence of God is in the actual practice of godliness and a straightforward articulation of the effects of having done just that.

~ A gift from a good and wise friend

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