you are the seer

August 13, 2017

Egoism (selfhood) is the identification of the seer with the instrument of seeing.

The seer is really the Self, the pure one, the ever holy, the infinite, the immortal.

This is the Self of man. And what are the instruments?

The Chitta or mind-stuff, the Buddhi or determinative faculty, the Manas or mind, and the Indriyas or sense-organs.

These are the instruments for him to see the external world, and the identification of the Self with the instruments is what is called the ignorance of egoism.

We say, “I am the mind,” “I am thought,” “I am angry,” or “I am happy.”

Through ignorance, we identify ourselves with the mind-stuff, and think we feel pleasure or pain.

~ Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

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