perceive the perceiver

December 5, 2012

The experiences that come during meditation are the result of one’s previous practices. But, it is not necessary to have such experiences.

Who is the one who is having these experiences? Our attention should be on that only. Experiences come and go but the witness of all experiences always remains unchanged. Our attention should steadily be there.

Remember, whatever happens to you can be perceived only through the mind. Remember also that the perceptions of the mind are not real because the perceiver himself is not real.

If we always enquire, “To whom is this experience happening?” the false perceiver and the false experience will both subside.

~ Annamalai Swami

One Response to “perceive the perceiver”

  1. 30somethingonions Says:

    And yet at the same time, we ARE the ones experiencing it, and are the ONLY ones experiencing it, even though we are at once here, and everywhere else, and not there either. It’d be a mind job, if we were really having these thoughts.

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