particles and waves

December 17, 2012

Should we retreat or move forward? Should we conserve or progress? Or, merely sit still and be?

The answer, of course is; all of the above.

The pulse of the farthest star we can see is the same as the beat of our heart. In and out. Back and forth. To and fro.

The world arises to us in waves. Sound waves, light waves, heat waves. Crests and troughs, seemingly opposites, joined together all in one big happening. There is no separation other than the delusion in our mind.

This in/out rhythm we witness, sense, experience, is central to everything. It defines us because it emulates our breathing.

This is why all the great sages taught their friends to focus on their breath when they meditate.

Indeed our well being depends on our ability to balance stillness with continual movement and change.

Life is one big happening, moving forward, but always within the still, eternal, present moment.

It’s never either/or, it’s always both.


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