November 2, 2019

People have trouble being quiet for even five minutes.

When people sit in their first mindfulness session and experience structured silence for the first time, the intensity of their monkey-mind (ego) railing against even the *prospect* of being ignored, usually overwhelms any insight which might have been cultivated by that first practice.

But…a glimpse…a curiosity…a mental question…a wondering…experienced that first time, can push a curious seeker to the next ‘sesshin‘.

And, with practice, that five minutes can eventually expand and the silence can expand with it.

The chattering can subside and the meditator can realize they’re “watching” the chattering monkey-mind. ”They” are not the monkey.

They’re just watching it.

This is the first glimpse of Liberation. This is when we realize what’s possible.

This is when we can stop identifying with the noise in our head and identify with who we really are — an individuation of the Divine.

~ Scott Kinnaird

2 Responses to “meditation”

  1. FeralMonk Says:

    As sky might surrender its breath to an ecstasy of leaves.

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