December 12, 2019

As I stare at the bottles of red wine we purchased almost a year ago, I‘m reminded of the day we spent in Sonoma Valley with our grown children acquiring those bottles.

At first I thought, how odd we would spend that sort of money on things we’ll likely give to others as gifts or won’t use for a very long time.

Then I realized, when you experience such a wonderful day — a day beyond imagining — a day likened to when you were a four-year-old being thrown up in the air by a loving parent or on a playground swing, experiencing the apogee and for the briefest moment being released from the surly bonds of Earth, well…you want a day like that day to last forever.

That’s when I realized the icons of those memories matter. Photos or paintings or statues or figurines or yet to be emptied bottles of wine. They all matter.

Icons matter because they remind us of what liberation feels like.

~ Scott Kinnaird

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