If only you could hear

The sound of snow

Falling late at night

From the trees

Of the old temple.

~ Hakuin Ekaku, 1685-1768

the great way

February 25, 2018

Sit altogether in meditation. Become peacefully calm and quiet, without motion, without stillness, without birth, without destruction, with no judgements of right or wrong, neither staying nor going. This, then, is the Great way.

~ Hui-neng

ears to hear

February 11, 2018

It is one’s own readiness that makes an experience exoteric or esoteric.

The secret isn’t that you’re not being told.

The secret is that you’re not able to hear.

~ Richard Alpert (Ram Dass)

we are one

January 8, 2018

We become compassionate not from altruism which denies the self for the sake of the other, but from the insight that sees and feels one IS the other.

~ Huston Smith

walking meditation

December 20, 2017

Sometimes there is a hum or low rumble in our environment, like a refrigerator or heater unit. When it stops, there is a kind of open, spacious quality and a sense of relief. Meditation is like that. Basically we sit and think and think and think; then occasionally that noisy mind stops for a moment and we experience a kind of open, spacious quality and a sense of relief. We can’t manufacture it and we can’t hold onto it. In Shambhala we call it “suddenly free from fixed mind.”

~ David Nichtern

abundant joy

December 9, 2017

If you cannot adore the Goddess
in the form of your own Breath,
where will you find Her?

If you cannot praise the Creator
as your mind’s own clear
and radiant silence before
a single thought arises,
why call his name?

‘Allah,’ ‘Jesus,’ ‘Buddha,’ ‘Ram’
need not be spoken
when the ocean of love
pours into your chest
and garlands your heart
with the light of a thousand stars.

Dear friend, your Beloved
has no plan, no commandment,
but abundant joy.

~ Fred LaMotte


November 23, 2017

It’s impossible to THANK and BLAME at the same time. They are two completely different frequencies, channels, vibrations. Living in gratitude is health. Living in blame is toxic.

One is a state of burning pride, discontent, heart-contraction; the other is a state of humble joy, warmth, heart-expansion. And when that expansion begins, it is like a spark in a basket of cotton. You catch fire very quickly. You hug distant stars, and sizzle your boundaries.

Your choice. The vibration you choose changes the world around you. I choose to live in the blessing of gratitude. The things I’m thankful for are not the blessings, just the occasions. Gratitude itself is the blessing. I hope you will bless the earth with your Thanksgiving.

~ Fred LaMotte