big box love

April 13, 2010

I try to relate the Dharma to 21st-century human beings.  As Einstein said, we human beings utilize only five to ten percent of our brain’s capacity.  In the same way, we use only five to ten percent of our heart’s capacity to love and feel kindness.

Instead of boxing in our hearts, loving only me, me, me—the smallest box—we must try to slowly expand that box till we’re able to love all humanity, all sentient beings.  When we use our maximum intelligence to access these deeper levels, to go beyond the material, then we become wise.

We realize interdependence and the transitory nature of existence—this is how we free ourselves from suffering.  Then we can bring a lasting peace and happiness to the world.

– Nawang Khechog

2 Responses to “big box love”

  1. Nice post but the 5 to 10 percent of our brain is a myth and einstein didn’t say it. we in fact use all of our brain. that untrue truism began when we didn’t know what the heck the brain was for now we are getting there and we use the whole darn thing. and to leave you with a real einstein quote: “anyone who doesn’t take the truth in small matters cannot be trusted in large one’s either.”

    • youareit Says:

      Thanks, Mike. Totally agree that most things people say have limited accuracy, but I appreciated this guy’s point about expanding our love beyond ourselves to all of humanity. The key is to first love ourselves, right? Have a great day and thanks again for the comment.

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